World Football League Players

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WFL World Football League Players-
Ed Foster
Born: June 20, 1951 City: Waurika, Oklahoma Height: 6' 6" Weight: 258 lbs. University: Oklahoma
Died: May 15, 2015            
Team League Year Num Pos Games      
Jacksonville Sharks WFL 1974 78 OG        
Southern California Sun WFL 1974 61 OG        
Birmingham Vulcans WFL 1975 75 OG        
Saskatchewan Roughriders CFL 1975   OG        
University of Oklahoma Sooners
Jacksonville Sharks 1974 Home (WFL)
Jacksonville Sharks 1974 Road (WFL)

Kay Stephenson (10), Ed Foster (78), Louis Ross (81)
Jacksonville Sharks at Florida Blazers

Reggie Oliver (12), Ed Foster (78)

Dave Hale (71), Dennis Hughes (80), Ed Foster (78), Tom Walker (63), Richard Cheek (67), Kay Stephenson (10), Ricky Lake (35)
Jacksonville Sharks at Chicago Fire

Dick Thornton (45), Ed Foster (78), Bob Lally (59), Tommy Durrance (20), Tom Beutler (55)
Jacksonville Sharks at Memphis Grizzlies
Southern California Sun 1974 Home (WFL)
Southern California Sun 1974 Road (WFL)
Birmingham Vulcans 1975 Home (WFL)

Ed Foster (75), Cliff Greenfield (82), Johnny Musso (22)
Charlotte Hornets at Birmingham Vulcans

Paul Costa (79), Charles DeJurnett (75), Denny Duron (7), Ed Foster (75), Jim Kregel (60), Jon Matlock (53), Dave Roller (74)
Southern California Sun at Birmingham Vulcans

Ed Foster (75), Randy Rhino (8)
Charlotte Hornets at Birmingham Vulcans

Ed Foster (75), David Douglas (74), Jere Brown (51), Bob Wolfe (71), Ike Thomas (22), Larry Shears (23), Matthew Reed (11), Al Jenkins (78)
Charlotte Hornets at Birmingham Vulcans

Ed Foster (75), Johnny Musso (22)
Shreveport Steamer at Birmingham Vulcans

Richard Cheek (L), Tom Johnson (50), Ed Foster (75)
San Antonio Wings at Birmingham Vulcans
Birmingham Vulcans 1975 Road (WFL)
College roommates Joe Wylie (Portland Thunder) and Ed Foster (Birmingham Vulcans) played against each other in the WFL