World Football League Players

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WFL World Football League Rosters-
  1974 1975  
  Birmingham Americans
Charlotte Hornets
Chicago Fire
Detroit Wheels
Florida Blazers
Honolulu Hawaiians
Houston Texans
Jacksonville Sharks
Memphis Grizzlies
New York Stars
Philadelphia Bell
Portland Storm
Shreveport Steamer
Southern California Sun
Birmingham Vulcans
Charlotte Hornets
Chicago Winds
Honolulu Hawaiians
Jacksonville Express
Memphis Grizzlies
Philadelphia Bell
Portland Thunder
San Antonio Wings
Shreveport Steamer
Southern California Sun
Methodology: I used a number of sources to identify a player's numbers and his statistics.

For statistics, I used the following resources. 
1. Tod Maher and Mark Speck's book: "World Football League Encyclopedia."  This is an excellent book.
2. Media Guides
3. Some players played in the NFL.  Their stats are from

For players numbers I used the following resources in descending order of priority.
1. Home team's programs-My assumption is the home team is pretty reliable on it's own roster.  Hopefully that's not a false assumption.
2. Media guide-I used these mainly for players who were on the roster, but didn't make it into a game.  They are not that reliable for general numbers.  Media guides were put out before the season.  As players got cut, players would switch to their number.
3. Road programs-Road programs in the early years of the league were prone to misspellings and number errors.
4. Tod Maher and Mark Speck's book: "World Football League Encyclopedia." 
5. Photographs-This is a chicken and egg problem. You need to know the number to identify the player.  You also need to know the jersey style to accurately identify the year.  Over time you recognize both and can be reasonably accurate.

Sometimes a player wore 2 different numbers in a year, such as Mike Yancheff in 1974  In that case, I separate the numbers with a comma, e.g. "10,12."  It was not uncommon for a player to really have 2 numbers in a year.  However, my sense is most of the times it is a bookkeeping error and not a real number change.  One of the two numbers is right.