American Soccer League Players

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The American Soccer League has existed in three versions: 1921-33, 1933-83, and 1988-89.  These were different leagues just using the same name.  My goal is to honor the players who helped build the NASL and MISL soccer leagues. To that purpose, my coverage of the ASL will only be for the second and third versions and limited to 1967-89.  This is the time period where players were moving between all three leagues.

I will also loosely cover the USL and APSL leagues from the '80s. These leagues helped bridge the period between ASL 2 and ASL 3.

Data from these leagues is difficult to acquire. A number of people have created some data that is very useful.  I've used information from these pages:
ASL Statistics:
General ASL information:  You have to hunt around, but it is a fun site.
ASL Attendance: