North American Soccer League Players

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David Nish
Born: September 16, 1947 City: Burton-on-Trent, England   Height: 5' 10" Weight: 172 lbs.   National Team: England 1973-74 (5 Games)
Clubs: Leicester City 1966-72, Derby County 1972-79
Roughnecks 79 Head David Nish.jpg
Thanks Jan Reinertsen 
Team League Year Nm P Gms Goals Assists Pts Citizen
Tulsa Roughnecks NASL 79 2 D 28 6 8 20 England
Seattle Sounders NASL 80 3 D 29 3 5 11 England
Seattle Sounders Indoor NASL 80-81 3 D 5 6 3 15 England
Seattle Sounders NASL 81 3 D 28 1 5 7 England
San Jose Earthquakes Indoor NASL 81-82 7 D 16 1 7 9 England
Leicester City 1970-71 (England)

Back row: Steve Whitworth, Mike Stringfellow, Malcolm Partridge, Rodney Fern, Peter Shilton, Alan Woollett, John Sjoberg, Graham Cross, Malcolm Manley.
Front row: Bobby Kellard, John Farrington, Willie Carlin, David Nish, Len Glover, Alistair Brown.

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England National Team 1973
Derby Count 1974-75
Back: Des Anderson (asst trainer), Ron Webster, Peter Daniel, Colin Todd, Colin Boulton, Graham Moseley, Archie Gemmill, Steve Powell, Rod Thomas, Henry Newton, Kevin Hector, Guthrie (masseur).
Front: Francis Lee, Charlie George, Bruce Rioch, Roy McFarland, Dave Mackay (Manager), Jeff Bourne, David Nish, Roger Davies, Alan Hinton
Fourteen members of the 1974-75 Derby County team eventually played in the NASL. Many of these follow Alan Hinton to Vancouver, Tulsa and Seattle
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Tulsa Roughnecks 1979 Home (NASL)
NASL Soccer Tulsa Roughnecks 79 Home David Nish, Iraj Daniafard    
Tulsa Roughnecks 1979 Road (NASL)

Greg Villa (14), Ricardo Alonso (12), David Nish (2), Ace Ntsoelengoe (11)
Minnesota Kicks at Tulsa Roughnecks

Thanks Jan Reinertsen
Seattle Sounders 1980 Home (NASL)

David Nish (3)
Portland Timbers at Seattle Sounders
Sounders 80Home David Nish, Surf
Craig Allen (16), David Nish (3)
California Surf at Seattle Sounders
Thanks Rob Hawksford
NASL Soccer Seattle Sounders 80 Home Team.JPG
Seattle Sounders at Washington Diplomats
Photo by Tony Quinn
Seattle Sounders 1980 Road (NASL)
Seattle Sounders 1981 Home (NASL)

Peter Nogly (7), Mark Peterson (21), Stan Cummins (11), Steve Daley (10), Jeff Stock (16), David Nish (3)
Edmonton Drillers at Seattle Sounders
NASL Soccer Chicago Sting 81 Road Ingo Peter, Sounders David Nish
Ingo Peter (14), David Nish (3)
Seattle Sounders at Chicago Sting
Seattle Sounders 1981 Road (NASL)
San Jose Earthquakes 1981-82 Indoor Home (NASL)
Thanks Jan Reinertsen
San Jose Earthquakes 1981-82 Indoor Road (NASL)