North American Soccer League Players

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Billy McKeag
Born: 1946 City: Belfast, Northern Ireland   Height: 5' 8" Weight: 145 lbs.    
Born: Glentoran 1964-79
  Team Year Num Pos Games Goals Assists Points Citizen
Detroit Cougars 67 28 D 3       N. Ireland
Glentoran 1964-79 (Northern Ireland)
Detroit Cougars 1967 Home (USA)
The Detroit Cougars, 1967 (left to right):
Tommy Jackson, Billy Sinclair, Walter Bruce, Jim Weatherup, Roy Borne, Billy McKeag, Arthur Stewartt, Eric Ross, Sammy Kydd, Tom Morrow, Danny Trainor, Billy McCullough, Alan McNeill, Harry Chreighton, John Colrain (player-manager) and John Kennedy.

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Detroit Cougars 1967 Road (USA)

Billy Sinclair (15), Arthur Stewart (14), Billy McKeag (3), Nene, Billy McCullough (11)
Detroit Cougars at Chicago Mustangs

Detroit Cougars at Chicago Mustangs