New York Cosmos 1981 Friendlies

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New York Cosmos vs. FC Birsfelden (Switzerland in Freeport, Bahamas)
Date: February 1, 1981   Cosmos won 9-0     Attendance:
Goals: Cosmos-Giorgio Chinaglia (5), Francois Van Der Elst (3), Julio Cesar Romero
    Chinaglia Scores 5
AP Published: February 2, 1981
FREEPORT, the Bahamas, Feb. 1
Giorgio Chinaglia scored five goals and Francois Van der Elst added three as the Cosmos routed FC Birsfelden of Switzerland's Second Division today by 9-0 in an exhibition match. Chinaglia and Van der Elst each collected two assists. Julio Cesar Romero, who had three assists, scored the Cosmos' final goal. Hubert Birkenmeier was in goal for the Cosmos.
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New York Cosmos at Deportivo Moron (Argentina)
Date: February 16, 1981   Cosmos tied 2-2     Attendance: 25,000
Goals: Cosmos-Giorgio Chinaglia (2)  Moron-Ruiz, Gomez

Alejandro Semenewicz (5), Giorgio Chinaglia (9)
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This photo is from a Argentina league game.  The Moron goalie is wearing Hubert Birkenmeier's jersey.  I'm assuming he got the jersey in the Cosmos-Moron friendly.

Deportivo Moron of Buenos Aires rallied for two goals...

Feb. 16, 1981

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina -- Deportivo Moron of Buenos Aires rallied for two goals Monday night to post a 2-2 tie with the NASL champion New York Cosmos in an exhibition game.

The Cosmos were led by Giorgio Chinaglia, who had goals in the 22nd and 33rd minutes.

Ruiz of Argentina scored just before halftime to make it 2-1. And in the 71st minute, Gomez tied it on a penalty kick.

The Cosmos play Thursday night against Racing of Buenos Aires. Last Saturday's game against Penarol of Uruguay was postponed because of bad weather.


New York Cosmos at Cipoletti (Argentina)
Date: February 21, 1981     Cosmos won 4-1    Attendance: 8,000
Goals: Cosmos-Giorgio Chinaglia (2), Roberto Cabanas,
New York Cosmos at Boca Bariloche (Argentina)
Date: February 22, 1981   Cosmos won 9-1     Attendance: 10,000
Goals: Cosmos-Giorgio Chinaglia (4), Julio Cesar Romero (4), Vladislav Bogicevic
 New York Cosmos at Colo-Colo (Chile)
Date: February 25, 1981     Cosmos lost 1-0    Attendance: 45,000
Num   Player Position
1  Hubert Birkenmeier  Goalie
5  Carlos Alberto  Defense
16  Angelo DiBernardo  Defense
4  Jeff Durgan  Defense
15  Wim Rijsbergen  Defense
17  Ricky Davis  Midfield
20   Francois Van Der Elst  Midfield
8  Vladislav Bogicevic  Midfield
28  Chico Borja  Midfield
9   Giorgio Chinaglia  Forward
7   Julio Cesar Romero  Forward
New York Cosmos at Peñarol (Montevideo, Uruguay)
Date: March 3, 1981   Cosmos won 4-3     Attendance: 40,000
Goals: Cosmos-Giorgio Chinaglia 15' and 31', Julio César Romero 73', Giorgio Chinaglia 80'
Penarol-Alfredo Carlos Arias 03', Alfredo Carlos Arias 40',  Alfredo Carlos Arias 85'
Referees: : Luis Da Rosa, C. Iguini, and C. Alvarez (Uruguay)
NASL Soccer New York Cosmos 81 Home Back Roberto Cabanas, Penarol 3-3-1981 Exh.jpg Peñarol Lineup
Fernando Alvez
Washington Olivera (46' Domingo Cáceres)
Nelson Marcenaro
Hugo Fernández
Miguel Falero
Julio Morales
Ernesto Vargas (67' John Yawson)
Mario Saralegui (70' Lorenzo Unánue)
Miguel Peirano
Alfredo Arias
José Baptista
Cosmos Lineup
Hubert Birkenmeier
Vladislav Bogicevic
Boris Bandov
Andranik Eskandarian
Julio César Romero
Jeff Durgan
Ricky Davis (65' Larry Hulcer)
Giorgio Chinaglia
Angelo DiBernardo
Roberto Cabañas
New York Cosmos at Sao Paulo (Brazil)
Date: March 5, 1981     Cosmos lost 3-1    Attendance: 50,000
Goals: Cosmos-Giorgio Chinaglia
New York Cosmos at Paraguayan National Team
Date: March 8, 1981   Cosmos won 5-2     Attendance: 45,000
Goals: Cosmos-Giorgio Chinaglia, Julio César Romero (2), Seninho (2)  Paraguay-Michelangoli
Cosmos Win, 5-2
Published: March 9, 1981

ASUNCION, Paraguay, March 8—Julio Cesar Romero celebrated his Paraguayan homecoming tonight with two goals and an assist to lead the Cosmos to a 5-2 exhibition victory over the Paraguayan national team. It was Romero's first appearance in Paraguay since he joined the Cosmos in December 1979. Giorgio Chinaglia had a goal and three assists, and Seninho added two goals for the winners.


Num   Paraguay   Position
1  Almeida  Goalie
3  Sosa   Defense
2  Souraundes  Defense
5  Paredes   Defense
4   Zetena  Defense
8  Delgado   Midfield
6   Mino  Midfield
10   Taurnera  Midfield
7   Isasi  Midfield
9   Michelangoli  Forward
11  Oritz   Forward
Num   Cosmos   Position
1  Hubert Birkenmeier  Goalie
2  Andranik Eskandarian  Defense
16  Angelo DiBernardo  Defense
3  Jeff Durgan  Defense
15  Wim Rijsbergen  Defense
18  Boris Bandov  Midfield
20  Francois Van Der Elst  Midfield
8  Vladislav Bogicevic  Midfield
11  Seninho  Midfield
9  Giorgio Chinaglia  Forward
7  Julio César Romero  Forward
New York Cosmos At Guadalajara (Mexico)
Date: March 11, 1981     Cosmos lost 1-0    Attendance: 45,000
New York Cosmos at Club America (Mexico City, Mexico)
Date: March 15, 1981   Cosmos lost 4-2     Attendance: 105,000
Goals: Cosmos-Giorgio Chinaglia, Francois Van Der Elst  Club America-Cristobal Ortega (2)
Num Player Position
  1   Hubert Birkenmeier Goal
15  Wim Rijsbergen Defense
  4  Jeff Durgan Defense
18  Boris Bandov Defense
16  Angelo DiBernardo Defense
20  Francois Van Der Elst Midfield
  8  Vladislav Bogicevic Midfield
  7  Julio Cesar Romero Midfield
11  Seninho Midfield
19  Roberto Cabañas Forward
  9  Giorgio Chinaglia Forward
  Second Half Substitutes  
17  Ricky Davis Midfield
12  Larry Hulcer Defense
New York Cosmos vs. El Salvadoran National Team (Los Angeles Soccer Tournament)
Date: March 17, 1981     Cosmos won 5-1    Attendance: 31,209
Goals: Cosmas-Giorgio Chinaglia (2), Seninho (2), Roberto Cabanas
New York Cosmos at Los Angeles Aztecs (Los Angeles Soccer Tournament)
Date: March 19, 1981   Cosmos won 1-0     Attendance: 3,534
Goals: Cosmas-Roberto Cabanas
Anderlecht (Belgium) at New York Cosmos
Date: May 20, 1981   Cosmos lost 2-1     Attendance: 30,512
Goals: Cosmos-Francois Van Der Elst  Anderlecht-Juan Lozano (2)

Sao Paolo (Brazil) at New York Cosmos
Date: June 4, 1981     Cosmos tied 2-2    Attendance: 53,617
Goals: Cosmas-Giorgio Chinaglia, Angelo DiBernardo
  NASL Soccer New York Cosmos 81 Road Andranik Eskandarian  
Greek National Team at New York Cosmos
Date: July 1, 1981   Cosmos won 2-0     Attendance: 42,318
Goals: Cosmos-Roberto Cabanas, Giorgio Chinaglia

By ALEX YANNIS, Special to the New York Times (The New York Times)

Roberto Cabanas scored in the first half and Giorgio Chinaglia in the second as the Cosmos defeated the national team of Greece, 2-0, at Giants Stadium tonight. Some of the spectators in the crowd of 42,318 created a rather hostile atmosphere for the Cosmos, waving huge Greek flags and booing every bad move by the Cosmos' players. Encouraged by their large following, the Greek players played well in the first half and were unlucky not to score. Chris Ardizoglou, their best threat at forward, hit the post twice, and George Koudas had a shot cleared off the line by Vlado Bogicevic of the Cosmos.
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Glasgow Celtic (Scotland) at New York Cosmos (TACC)
Date: July 12, 1981     Cosmos won 2-0    Attendance: 29,215
Goals: Cosmos-Julio Cesar Romero, Jeff Durgan
Southampton Saints (England) at New York Cosmos (TACC)
Date: July 15, 1981   Cosmos won 2-1     Attendance: 29,614
Goals: Cosmos-Vldislav Bogicevic, Julio Cesar Romero, Saints-Joe Blochel
 Seattle Sounders at New York Cosmos (TACC)
Date: July 19, 1981     Cosmos tied 3-3    Attendance: 40,724
Goals: Cosmos-Giorgio Chinaglia (2), Francois Van Der Elst,   Sounders-Kevin Bond, Steve Daley,
Gremio (Brazil) at New York Cosmos
Date: August 30, 1981   Cosmos won 3-1     Attendance: 30,523
Goals: Cosmos-Giorgio Chinaglia   Gremio-Baltazar, Paulo Isidoro, Heber

New York Cosmos at Canadian National Team (Calgary, AL)
Date: October 4, 1981     Cosmos tied 1-1    Attendance: 3,500
Goals: Cosmos-Francois Van Der Elst   Canada-Dale Mitchell
New York Cosmos at Canadian National Team (Vancouver, BC)
Date: October 7, 1981   Cosmos lost 4-0     Attendance: 10,688
New York Cosmos at Valur (Reykjavik, Iceland)
Date: October 10, 1981     Cosmos won 6-2    Attendance: 10,500
Goals: Cosmos-Giorgio Chinaglia (3), Vldislav Bogicevic (2), Julio Cesar Romero

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Ricky Davis (17), Hubert Birkenmeier (1), ?, Jeff Durgan (4), ?, Ivan Buljan (22)
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Cosmos Win, 6-2
UPI Published: October 11, 1981
REYKJAVIC, Iceland, Oct. 10
Giorgio Chinaglia scored three goals and Vladislav Bogicevic two in leading the New York Cosmos to a 6-2 victory over the Valur Football Club today. The result evened the Cosmos' tour record at 1-1-1. Julio Caesar Romero scored the other goal and had three assists before a crowd of 10,500. The game was played in 30-degree temperatures and 20-mile winds.
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New York Cosmos at Borrusia Dortmund (Dortumund, Germany)
Date: October 13, 1981     Cosmos lost 4-2    Attendance: 10,000
Goals: Cosmos-Ricky Davis, Giorgio Chinaglia
    Cosmos Defeated, 4-2; Chinaglia, Davis Score
UPI Published: October 14, 1981
DORTMUND, West Germany, Oct. 13
Borussia Dortumud of the German First Division defeated the New York Cosmos today, 4-2. It was the Cosmos' second loss on their European tour. After a scoreless first half, Dortmund netted three goals. Then the Cosmos rallied with goals by Ricky Davis and Giorgio Chinaglia. With six minutes left, Dortmund added an insurance goal. A crowd of 10,000 attended. Chinaglia's goal was his fourth of the tour.

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New York Cosmos at AC Milan (Milan, Italy)
Date: October 18, 1981     Cosmos tied 1-1    Attendance: 6,000
Goals: Cosmos-Chico Borja   Milan-Roberto Antonelli
New York Cosmos





Hubert Birkenmeier



Jeff Durgan



Julio Cesar Romero



Vladislav Bogicevic



Giorgio Chinaglia






Johan Neeskens



Francois Van Der Elst



Ivan Buljan



Erhardt Kapp



Chico Borja




Steve Wegerle  (55' for Seninho)



Ricky Davis (45' for Buljan)



AC Milan
Num Name Pos
  Roberto Antonelli F
  Sergio Battistini D
  Ruben Buriani M
   Andrea Icardi M
  Guiseppe Incocciati F
  Aldo Maldera III D
  Alberto Minoia D
  Walter Novellino M
  Mauro Tassotti D
  Massimo Gadda (61' for Novellino) M
  Incontri (55' for Piotti)  
  Mandressi ('61 for Incocciati)  
  Tumiatti (85' for Minoia)  
New York Cosmos at Avellino (Italy)
Date: October 19, 1981     Cosmos lost 2-0    Attendance:
    This game is not listed in the Cosmos 1984-85 Media guide
New York Cosmos at Lille (France)
Date: October 22, 1981     Cosmos lost 7-1    Attendance: 6,000
Goals: Cosmos-Ricky Davis,