American Soccer League Players

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Kevin Costello
Born: June 15, 1955 City: Doylestown, Pennsylvania   Height: 6' 0" Weight: 175 lbs.   College: Penn State
Team League Year Num Pos Games Goals Assists Points Citizen
Pennsylvania Stoners ASL 79              
Pennsylvania Stoners ASL 81 13            
Pennsylvania Stoners ASL 82 17            
Trenton Extension 1976

The 1976 Trenton Extension team had 6 future NASL players and 1 future ASL player.  They lost the 1976 National Amateur Cup Championship to the Milwaukee Bavarians.  That must have been quite a game.
FR: Tim Murphy, player-coach Charlie Farutto, John Marsden, Rich Reice, Bill Gazonas, Dennis Kinnevy
BR: Barry Pellitteri, Glenn Myernick, Bob Rostron, Jim McKeown, Joe Hankins, Kevin Costello, coach Joe Secretario, Art Napolitano
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Pennsylvania Stoners 1979 Home (ASL)
Pennsylvania Stoners 1979 Road (ASL)
Pennsylvania Stoners 1982 Home (ASL)
Pennsylvania Stoners 1982 Road (ASL)