Kansas City Spurs Friendlies

Kansas City Spurs in Europe
Date: March ?, 1968    Spurs won/lost?     Attendance:
Newspaper reports say the Spurs play 8 games Europe. They went 6-1-1.  The exact details weren't listed but they played in:
Maastricht, Holland
Liege, Belgium
Essen, Germany
Dunfermline (Scotland) at Kansas City Spurs
Date: May 30, 1968    Spurs tied 1-1     Attendance: 10,507
Borussia Dortmund at Kansas City Spurs
Date: June 13, 1968    Spurs lost 2-1     Attendance: 7,375
Goals: Spurs-Ernie Winchester, Borussia-Lothar Emmerich, Horst Trimhold
Santos (Brazil) at Kansas City Spurs
Date: July 4, 1968    Spurs lost 4-1     Attendance: 19,296
Goals: Spurs-Manfred Seissler   Santos-Pele, Elizeu, Douglas

Laurie Snedden, Jan McIntyre, Lynn Jeffries, Manuel Maria (Santos)
Inter-Bratislava (Czechoslovakia) at Kansas City Spurs (Chicago, IL, Hanson Park)
Date: July 20, 1969    Spurs lost 3-1     Attendance: 2,282
Goals: Spurs-Manfred Seissler,  Inter-Livicky, Juraj Szikor (2)
Coventry City (England) at Kansas City Spurs
Date: May 5, 1970    Spurs lost 3-1     Attendance: 3,225
Goals: Spurs-Tibor Szalay   Coventry City-Ernie Hunt, Neil Martin, John O'Rourke
Hertha Berlin (Germany) at Kansas City Spurs
Date: May 30, 1970    Spurs lost 2-1     Attendance:
Goals:  Spurs-Eli Durante     Hertha-Juger Weher, Lorenz Horr
Game was originally scheduled for May 29.  It was rescheduled to to bad weather
Hapoel Petah Tikvah (Israel) at Kansas City Spurs
Date: July 2, 1970    Spurs lost 2-0     Attendance: 3,087
Varzim (Portugal) at Kansas City Spurs
Date: July 26, 1970    Spurs tied 0-0     Attendance: