Oakland Clippers Friendlies

Guadalajara (Mexico) at Oakland Clippers (San Francisco, CA)
Date: March 3, 1968     Clippers lost 1-0     Attendance: 13,887
Goals: Guadalajara-Alberto Onofre
Manchester City (England) at Oakland Clippers
Date: June 9, 1968    Clippers won 3-0     Attendance: 25,237
Goals: Mario Baesso (2), Dimitrjie Davidovic

Santos (Brazil) at Oakland Clippers
Date: August 30, 1968    Clippers lost 3-1     Attendance: 29,161
Goals: Clippers-Edgar Marin     Santos-Pele (2), Mauro

Steve Bena (2), Pele (C), Trond Hoftvedt (12)
Santos at Oakland Clippers
Israeli Olympic Team at Oakland Clippers
Date: September 22, 1968    Clippers won 2-1     Attendance: 4,352
Goals: Clippers-Sele Milosevic (2)   Israel-Sele

In 1969 the Oakland Clippers changed their name to the "California Clippers" and moved to San Francisco's Kezar Stadium.   They did not compete in the 1969 NASL season.   They decided to try and survive playing international exhibitions games.  The team was pretty much the same team as the 1968 NASL team.

Unfortunately, the strategy did not work. The Clippers suspended operations on June 4, 1969. They finished with a record of 7 wins, 6 loses, and 2 ties.

Film of the Clippers-Dynamo Kiev game in San Francisco exists. It is obvious from the film that the Clippers had a very good team.  It is a shame they folded.

Atlas (Mexico) at California Clippers (San Francisco, CA)
Date: January 26, 1969    Clippers won 3-0    Attendance: 5,142
Goals:  Clippers-Ademar Saccone, John Kowalik, Mihalj Meszaros

Photo by Hans Siebert
Northern California All-Stars at California Clippers (San Francisco, CA)
Date: February 2, 1969    Clippers won 6-1     Attendance: 3,000
Goals:  Clippers-John Kowalik (2),
Dynamo Kiev (USSR) at California Clippers (San Francisco, CA)
Date: February 23, 1969    Clippers lost 3-2     Attendance: 11,815
Goals:  Clippers-Pepe Fernandez (2)   Dynamo-Anotolidy Puzach (3)
Dynamo Kiev (USSR) at California Clippers (Los Angeles, CA)
Date: March 2, 1969    Clippers tied 1-1     Attendance: 10,287
Goals:  Clippers-John Kowalik    Dynamo-Josif Sabo

Stefan Szefer (2), Milan Cop (5)
Dynamo Kiev (USSR) at California Clippers (San Francisco, CA)
Date: March 9, 1969    Clippers won 1-0     Attendance: 11,223
Goals: Clippers-John Kowalik
USA National Team at California Clippers (San Diego, CA)
Date: April 13, 1969    Clippers won 4-0    Attendance:
Goals: Clippers-Ilija Mitic (2)
Southern California All-Stars at California Clippers (Los Angeles, CA)
Date: April 27, 1969    Clippers won 8-1     Attendance:
Goals: Clippers-John Kowalik (3)
Club America at California Clippers (San Jose, CA)
Date: May 4, 1969    Clippers lost 2-1     Attendance: 5,112
Goals: Clippers-Ilija Mitic   Club America-Horacio Lopez (2)
 Setubal (Portugal) at California Clippers (Fresno, CA)
Date: May 18, 1969    Clippers lost 2-0     Attendance: 1,700
This game was televised
West Brom Albion (England) at California Clippers (Los Angeles, CA)
Date: May 23, 1969    Clippers tied 2-2    Attendance:
Goals: Clippers-Ilija Mitic, Mihalj Meszaros    West Brom-Daniel Hegan, Tony Brown
Dukla Praha (Czechoslovakia) at California Clippers (Palo Alto, CA)
Date: May 25, 1969    Clippers lost 3-1   Attendance: 11,513
Goals: Clippers-Johnny Moore     Dukla-Stanislav Strunc
Fiorentina (Italy) at California Clippers (Los Angeles, CA)
Date: May 30 1969     Clippers lost 2-1     Attendance: 4,212
Goals: Clippers-Dimitrjie Davidovic   Fiorentina-Amarildo Tavares, Mario Marachi,
Fiorentina (Italy) at California Clippers (San Francisco, CA)
Date: June 1, 1969     Clippers won 4-2     Attendance: 7,356
Goals: Clippers-Ilija Mitic, John Kowalik, Pepe Fernandez, Johnny Moore    Fiorentina-Amarildo Tavares, Mario Marschi