What's New 2008

12/26/08 Updated photos for Laurie Abrahams, Ivair Ferreira, Mervyn Cawston, and Alec Lindsay.   Thanks www.tampabayrowdies.comspan> span> 
12/22/08 Updated photos for Matt O'Sullivan, Clyde Best, Pat Howard, Werner Roth, Robert Lennox, Nicky Johns, Terry Garbett, Mike Connell, Keith Van Eron, Jim Fleeting, Mike Dillon, Luis Papandrea, Chris Turner, Kevin Welsh, John Dowie, and John Stremlau pages       http://mytampabayrowdies.com
12/21/08 Fixed some bad links
12/18/08 Updated photos for Laurie Calloway, John Minnock, and Phil Parkes  pages      Thanks Richard
12/17/08 Updated My Collection page with 1974 Tornado, 1977 Rowdies, and 1979 Rowdies jerseys
12/16/08 Updated all the Roster pages to load more quickly
12/14/08 Updated photos for Ray Martin, Jimmy Kelly, Tony Betts, Victor Kodelja, John Webb, Alex Skotarek, Ramon Moraldo, Peter Smith, Dave Smith, and Bob McAlinden pages    Thanks Richard
12/13/08 Updated photos for for Tommy Ord, Bob Iarusci, Sam Lenarduzzi, Chuck Carey, Bobby Moore, Eddie Thomson, Alan Kelly, Chris Carenza, Ron Davies, and Davie Kemp pages          Thanks Richard
12/11/09 Updated photos for Beriba Santana, Ismael Moreira, Neil Martin, Bobby Clark, Harry Hood, Bob McNab, and Renato Costa pages    Thanks Richard
12/10/09 Updated photos for Billy Semple, Adrian Webster, Victor Kodelja, Bob McNab, Benny Alon, Buzz Parsons, Chip Smallwood Thanks Richard
12/9/08 Updated photos for Trevor Thompson, Roger Minton, Leroy DeLeon, Tom McConville, Gerry Ingram, Tony Macken, and Alan Spavin pages  Thanks Richard
12/8/08 Updated photos for Mike England, John McLaughlin, Sam Lenarduzzi, Tom Callaghan, Mick Hoban, John Rogers, Neil Rioch, Jimmy Kelly, and John Rogers pages       Thanks Richard
12/7/08 Updated photos for Glen Johnson, Brian Budd, Bruce Wilson, Bob Lenarduzzi, Brian Robinson, and Paul Hendrie pages   Thanks Richard
2/6/08 Update photo for Johan Cruyff, Sounders Roster pages  Thanks Jan
12/5/08 Updated photos for Whitecaps jersey page.    Thanks Darren
12/2/08 Update photos for Ian Anderson, and Stewart Jump pages
12/1/08 Updated photos for Spurs Roster, Manfred Seissler, Janos Hanek, Eli Durante, Roberto Lonardo, Mladen Vrankovic, Gyorgy Liptak, Sandy Feher, Clarival Oliveira, Miguel De Diego, and Alex Nagy pages      Thanks Jay
12/1/08 Updated photos for Rowdies Jerseyspan>, Neill Roberts, and Tatu pages      Thanks http://mytampabayrowdies.blogspot.com
11/30/08 Updated photos for George Ley page       Thanks Andy
11/27/08 Updated photo for Johan Cruyff
11/26/08 Updated photos for Eduardo Marasco, Ian Anderson, Paul Hammond, Thomas Rongen, Kai Haaskivi, Alan Birchenall, and Ian McKechnie pages
11/25/08 Updated photos for Peter Mannos, Chuck Carey, Dan Counce, Eddie Thomson, Jim Zylker, and Bobby Clark pages  Thanks Richard
11/13/08 Updated photo for Malcolm Dawes page
11/12/08 Updated photos for Francisco Bolota, Alex Skotarek, Buzz Demling, Graham Newton, Roger Osborne, and Pat Ercoli pages
11/10/08 Updated photos for Frantz St. Lot, Miro Rys, Ramon Mifflin, Tony Glavin, and Peter Nover pages
11/9/08 Updated photos for Gary Etherington, Selris Figaro, Warren Archibald, Bobby Smith, Pedro Martinez, and Rich Reice
11/8/08 Updated photos for Dave Clements, Joey Fink, Harold Jarman, Charlie Aitken, Steve Hunt, and Tony Picciano pages
11/7/08 Updated photos for Peter Brine, Rodney Marsh, Fred Binney, and Bobby Smith pages
11/6/08 Updated Whips, Stokers, and Wolves rosters   Thanks http://mytampabayrowdies.blogspot.com
11/5/08 Updated photo for Thunder Roster page
11/4/08 Updated photos for Toros, Whips, Skyliners, and Mustangs pages  Thanks http://mytampabayrowdies.blogspot.com
11/3/08 Update photos for Doug Wark
11/2/08 Update photos for Keith Eddy, Jomo Sono, Bob Rigby, and Gene Strenicer pages
11/1/08 Updated the Rowdies jersey page again.  Thanks http://mytampabayrowdies.blogspot.com
10/31/08 Updated Rowdies Jersey page     Thanks http://mytampabayrowdies.blogspot.com
10/30/08 Update photos for Winston Earle, Alfredo Lamas, Albert Jackson pages
10/29/08 Upated photos for the Roberto Bettega, Tony Towers, Sandje Ivanchukov, Tampa Bay Rowdies Roster,  and the Blizzard Jersey pages Thanks http://mytampabayrowdies.blogspot.com/
10/28/08 Updated photos for the Apollos jersey, Mike Renshaw, pages
10/23/08 Updated photos for Tony Macken, Eddie Thomson pages
10/22/08 Updated photos for Tibor Molnar, Paul Cannell pages
10/20/08 Updated photos for Art Welch Harry Hood, and Brian Joy pages
10/19/08 Update photo for Dave Butler page
10/17/08 Updated photos for Ted Polak, Kevin Hector, Jim McCalliog, Robert Lennox, pages     Thanks, Jan
10/16/08 Updated Cosmos, Tornado, and Olympique roster pages
10/15/08 Updated photos for Aztecs Jersey page
10/12/08 Fixed some bad links
10/5/08 Update photos for Willie McVie, Peter Carr, and Gary Etherington pages
10/4/08 Update photo for Surf jersey page
10/3/08 Updated photos for Karl-Heinz Granitza, Arno Steffenhagen, and Peter Wall pages
9/28/08 New photos for My collection page 1973 Apollos and 1974 Dynamos jerseys
9/27/08 New photos for Stompers, Sounders and Blizzard roster pages    Thanks Jan
9/23/08 New photos for Dyanmos, Apollos and Kicks roster pages  Thanks Jeff
9/22/08 Updated photos for Richard Blackmore, Neil Ellett, David Byrne and Altamont McKenzie pages     Thanks Bill
9/21/08 Updated photos for the Sting and Tornado jersey pages    Thanks Bill
9/20/08 Updated photos for the Stokers roster and Hank Liotart pages       Thanks James
9/20/08 Updated photos for the Tornado and Whitecaps roster pages    Thanks Jan
9/19/08 Updated photos for the many Kicks players including Frank Spraggon, Willie Morgan, Peter Short, Alan Merrick, Steve Litt, Alan West, and Dave D'Errico pages      Thanks Bill
9/18/08 Updated photos for Mike Flater, Ray Hudson, Ken Fogarty, Craig Scarpelli, Bill Crook, John Bain, Bob Lenarduzzi, Shep Messing, Alan Mayer pages   Thanks Bill
9/17/08 Updated photos the Miami Toros and  Strikers jersey pages and Bob Bolitho page
9/17/08 Update photo for Generals Roster page    Thanks Jan
9/16/08 Updated photos for Atoms jersey page and Brian Tinnion and Steve David pages.  Made corrections to Victor Perez page
9/15/08 Updated photo for Brian Tinnion page
9/15/08 Updated photos for Aztecs Jersey page
9/14/08 Updated photo for Minutemen Roster page   Thanks Jan
9/13/08 Updated information on Diplomats Roster page and Mike Barry page
9/12/08 Updated photos for the Toros jersey and Van Taylor pages  Thanks Van Taylor
9/11/08 Fixed a bunch of bad links
9/10/08 Updated photos for Bruce Gant, John Pot, and Wim Jansen pages
9/9/08 Updated photos for Alan Dugdale, Matt O'Sullivan, and Alfredo Anhielo pages
9/8/08 Updated photos for Peter Simpson and Bobby Sibbald pages
9/7/08 Updated the Kansas Cit Spurs and Houston Stars jersey pages
9/6/08 Updated photos for the Tibor Vigh and Ilija Tojacic page           Thanks Tibor
9/4/08 Made corrections to the Tornado Jersey page       Thanks Mike
9/2/08 Updated photos for Ade Coker, Charlie George, Tommy O'Hara pages
8/29/08 Updated photo for Tibor Vigh page
8/28/08 Updated photos for Julie Veee, Gordon Dallas pages  Thanks John
8/28/08 Updated the Stokers jersey and Houston Stars jersey pages
8/26/08 Updated photo for Sockers Jersey page    Thanks John
8/26/08 Updated photos for Hugo Sanchez and Roy Wiggemansen pages
8/25/08 Updated photos for John Napier page    Thanks John
8/22/08 Updated Neil Cohen page
8/19/08 Updated the Tornado Jersey page
8/16/08 Updated Mario Luna, Nick Mijatovic, and Dips Jersey pages   Thanks Jim
8/14/08 Updated My Collection NASL Page
8/13/08 Updated photo for Tony Bellinger page     Thanks Jim
8/10/08 Updated players team photos.  Too many pages to list.
8/4/08 Updated photos for Julie Veee, Dieter Suchanek pages
7/30/08 Completed the "XYZ players" section
7/22/08 Completed the "W" players section
7/15/08 Completed the "V" players section
7/9/08 Updated photos for Ilija Mitic, Peter Chandler, Mike Ivanow, Gary St. Clair, Jimmy Johnstone, Boris Bandov, and Derek Craig pages
7/8/09 Updated photo for Earthquakes jersey page
7/7/08 Updated photos for Franz Beckenbauer, Bobby Sibbald, Ricky Davis, Charlie Cooke, Garry Ayre    Thanks Joey
7/7/08 Updated photo for the Rowdies Jersey page
7/3/08 Completed "U" players section
7/2/08 Completed "T" players section, update photo for Gene Strenicer page
6/29/08 New photos for Peter Ward, Carlos Alberto,and Franz Beckenbauer pages
6/28/08 Completed the "S" players section
6/28/08 New photos for Kyle Rote, Earthquakes Jersey, and George Best pages    Thanks Jason
6/27/08 New photos for Strikers Roster, Gordon Banks, and Tony Bellinger pages    Thanks www.ft.lauderdalestrikers.com
6/26/08 New photos for the Johan Cruyff, Bob Rigby, Steve Wegerle, Rowdies Jersey pages    Thanks Jason
6/26/08 New photos Dips Jersey page, Dips Roster page, and Alan Spavin page    Thanks Jim
6/24/08 Updated My Collection page
6/19/08 Updated Cosmos jersey page
6/18/08 New photos for Roughnecks jersey page    Thanks Joey
6/11/08 New photos for Dynamos jersey, Jeff Solem, Hugh Fischer, and Ace Ntsoelengoe pages   Thanks Mike
6/8/08 New photos for Randy Horton, Brian Pillinger, Ian Bain, and Roy Willner pages
6/7/08 New photos for Caribous jersey and Cosmos Jersey pages
6/5/08 New photo for Alan Merrick page    Thanks Jim
6/1/08 New photos for Rowdies Jersey page and Alex Pringle page    Thanks Jim
5/29/08 Updated the Aztecs jersey page
5/20/08 Completed the "R" Players section
5/19/08 Updated photos for Earthquakes jersey page
5/17/08 Updated photos for the Strikers Jersey page
5/16/08 Made corrections to David Davidovic page, Earthquakes, Stars, Spurs, and Clippers Roster pages
5/15/08 New photo for Sting Roster page     Thanks Richard
5/13/08 Updated photos for Rowdies Jersey page and the Mike Connell page        Thanks Jim
5/12/08 Updated photo the St. Louis Stars Jersey page    Thanks Jim
5/10/08 Updated Franz Beckenbauer and Fred Gregurev pages
5/10/08 Updated photos for Earthquakes jersey page        Thanks www.oldfootballjerseys.com
5/8/08 Completed the "P" players section and the "Q" players section
5/7/08 New photo for Bernie Fagan page
5/6/08 New photos for Bobby Moore and Francisco Marinho pages
5/6/08 updated Thunder Jersey and Timbers Jersey pages
5/5/08 New photo for Chris Dangerfield page
5/4/08 New photo and correction to Rogues Roster and Rogues Jersey pages
5/4/08 New photo for Bruce Gant Page
5/3/08 Completed the "0" players section
5/3/08 New photo for Tony Funnell and Francisco Escos pages
5/3/08 New photo for the Lancers Jersey page
5/2/08 Completed the "N" players section
5/2/08 New photo for Radi Martinovic page
5/2/08 Made corrections to 1975 Rowdies Jersey and the 1981 Timbers Jersey page    Thanks Mike
5/1/08 New photo for the Strikers Jersey page
4/30/08 Completed the "M" players section
4/30/08 Made corrections to the Jado Hasanbegovic page    Thanks Clint
4/29/08 New photos for the Earthquakes Roster page
4/27/08 Made corrections to Diplomats Jersey  Earthquakes jersey, and Thunder Jersey pages.  Thanks Mike
4/24/08 Updated photos for the Diplomats Jersey page.  Thanks Jim
4/23/08 New Photo for Goran Kovacic, Buzz Demling, Laurie Calloway, and Boris Bandov pages
4/22/08 New
Wim Rijsbergen page
4/20/08 Updated Diplomats Roster page
4/19/08 New photos for Chris Dangerfield, George Katiklidis, Mihalj Keri pages Thanks Doug.
4/18 New Photos for
Ricky Davis, Dan Counce Tony Crudo, Neil Cohen pages.
4/18/08 New photos for the Comets Roster and Comets Jersey Pages
4/17/08 Completed the "L" players section
4/16/08 Completed the "K" players section
4/11/08 New Photos for My Collection NASL and MISL Pages
4/10/08 New Photos for Jaws Roster Page, Comets Roster Page, and the Surf Roster Page
4/10/08 New Photos for the Jaws Jersey Page, Comets Jersey Page and the Surf Roster Page
4/9/08 Updated Photos on Diplomats Jersey Page
4/5/08 New Photos for the Timbers Jersey Page
4/5/08 New Photos for the
Caribous Jersey Page
4/5/08 New Photos for the
Sonny Askew Page
4/4/98 Completed the 
"J" Players section.
4/3/08 Updated the
Lancers Roster page
4/3/08 Completed the 
"I" Players section.
4/2/08 Completed the
"H", Players section.
4/1/08 Corrected "Garry" and "Gary" players names
3/27/08 Updated
Cosmos Roster page
3/26/08 Updated
Minutemen Roster page
3/23/08 New photos for
Diplomats Jersey Page         Thanks Jim
3/20/08 New photos for
Jaws Jersey Page                Thanks Joey
3/20/08 New photos for
Surf Jersey Page                  Thanks Joey
3/20/08 New photos for
Len Renery's Page
3/17/08 New Photos for Timbers Jersey Page            Thanks Mike
3/17/08 New Photos for
Brian Godfrey Page              Thanks Mike
3/15/08 Corrections to the
Metros-Croatia Page         Thanks Mike