North American Soccer League Players

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Dragoslav "Dan" Jaha
Born: February 8, 1953 City: Yugoslavia   Height: 5' 9" Weight: 161 lbs.    
  Team League Year Num Pos Games Goals Assists Points Citizen
Rochester Lancers NASL 80 6 M 7 0 1 1 Yugoslavia
San Diego Sockers Indoor NASL 80-81 25 M 10 1 1 3 Yugoslavia
Columbus Capitals AISA 85-86 2 M 26 2 2   Yugoslavia
Toledo Pride AISA 86-87   M 14 0 2 2 Yugoslavia
Detroit Rockers NPSL 90-91   M 1 0 0 0 Yugoslavia
Columbus Invaders NPSL 96-97   M 2 0 0 0 Yugoslavia
Rochester Lancers 1980 Home (NASL)
The Lancers called him Dan Yaha. 
The Sockers called him Dan Jaha.
Thanks Jan Reinertsen
Rochester Lancers 1980 Road (NASL)

I'm not sure about the name on the back.  I would expect an 80 Lancers jersey to have a name plate.  Also the font on the name would be different.
The Lancers referred to "Jaha" as "Yaha."  See the team photo above.  The Sockers referred to him as Jaha.  Dragoslav is Yugoslavian.  I'm guessing he is Serbian.  The Ja sound in Serbian sounds like Ya. The alphabet is Cyrillic so, either the Ja or Ya transcription to English would be logical.
San Diego Sockers 1980-81 Indoor Home (NASL)

Chris Dangerfield (7), Dragan Simic (10), Dan Jaha (25)
San Diego Sockers at Los Angeles Aztecs
San Diego Sockers 1980-81 Indoor Road (NASL)