North American Soccer League Players

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The NASL had a difficult job selling soccer to the American people.  Since there was no built in fan base for the game, they tried to make the game a family experience.  Among the things teams tried was cheerleaders.

These pages honor the NASL cheerleaders for their part in bringing soccer to America.

Baltimore Bays
Calgary Boomers
California Surf
Chicago Sting
Dallas Tornado
Detroit Express
Ft. Lauderdale Strikers
Kansas City Spurs
Los Angeles Aztecs
Memphis Rogues
Minnesota Kicks
New York Cosmos
Oakland Stompers
Philadelphia Fury
Portland Timbers
Rochester Lancers
San Antonio Thunder
San Jose Earthquakes
St. Louis Stars
Tampa Bay Rowdies
Team America
Toronto Blizzard
Tulsa Roughnecks
Washington Diplomats