Eastern Basketball Association Players

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Herb Gray
Born: City: Height: 6' 7" Position: University: North Carolina A&T
Team League Year Num Gms FG% FT% Reb Asts Pts RPG APG PPG
Camden Bullets EPBL 63-64 28 359     12.8
Camden Bullets EPBL 64-65 8                
Camden Bullets EPBL 65-66 8 17   246   408 14.5   24.0
Scranton Miners EPBL 66-67 40                  
Scranton Miners EPBL 67-68                    
North Carolina A&T University
Camden Bullets 1963-64 Home (EPBL)

Might be Hal Lear instead of Herb Gray.
Camden Bullets 1963-64 Road (EPBL)
Camden Bullets 1964-65 Home (EPBL)
Camden Bullets 1964-65 Road (EPBL)
Camden Bullets 1965-66 Home (EPBL)
Camden Bullets 1965-66 Road (EPBL)
Scranton Miners 1966-67 Home (EPBL)
Scranton Miners 1966-67 Road (EPBL)