Eastern Basketball Association Players

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Wally Choice
Born: August 15, 1932 City: Height: 6' 4" Position: Center/Forward University: Indiana
  Team League Year Num Gms FG% FT% Reb Asts Pts RPG APG PPG
Easton Madisons EPBL 58-59
Easton Madisons EPBL 59-60 4        
Easton Madisons EPBL 60-61
Trenton Colonials EPBL 61-62        
Trenton Colonials EPBL 62-63 4 28 89 190 69 956 6.8 2.5 34.1
University of Indiana Hoosiers

Photo from http://indylb-2135524474.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com/

Back row: Wally Choice, Archie Dees, Dick Custer, Jerry Thompson.
Third row: Trainer Dwayne Dixon, Ray Ball, Charlie Brown, Warren Fisher, Mgr Roland Cutter.
Second row: Coach Branch McCracken, Dick Neal, Pete Obremskey, Jim Barley, Ast. coach Ernie Andres.
Front row (left to right): Charlie Williamson, Paxton Lumpkin, Jim Phipps
Photo from http://indylb-2135524474.us-east-1.elb.amazonaws.com/
Easton Madisons 1958-59 Home (EPBL)
Easton Madisons 1958-59 Road (EPBL)
Easton Madisons 1959-60 Home (EPBL)
Easton Madisons 1959-60 Road (EPBL)
Easton Madisons 1960-61 Home (EPBL)
Easton Madisons 1960-61 Road (EPBL)
Trenton Colonials 1961-62 Home (EPBL)
Trenton Colonials 1961-62 Road (EPBL)
Trenton Colonials 1962-63 Home (EPBL)
Trenton Colonials 1962-63 Road (EPBL)