American Soccer League Players

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Derek Backman
Born: January 6, 1966 City: South Africa   Height: 6' 0" Weight: 170 lbs.   College: Boca Raton
Team League Year Num Pos Games Min Goals Assists Points Citizen
Tampa Bay Rowdies ASL 88 14 M 17   4 1 9 USA
Tampa Bay Rowdies ASL 89   M 5 450 1 0 2 USA
Ft. Lauderdale Strikers APSL 89   M           USA
Tampa Bay Rowdies APSL 90   M 19 1661  3 3 9 USA
Tampa Bay Rowdies APSL 91 6 M 19 1701 4 1 9 USA
Tampa Bay Rowdies APSL 92   M 16   0 3 3 USA
Tampa Bay Rowdies APSL 93   M 14 115 5     USA
Jacksonville Cyclones A 95   M           USA
Tampa Bay Mutiny MLS 96 16 M           USA
Tampa Bay Mutiny MLS 97 16 M 3   0 0 0 USA
Tampa Bay Rowdies 1988 Home (ASL)
Tampa Bay Rowdies 1988 Road (ASL)
Tampa Bay Rowdies 1989 Home (ASL)
Tampa Bay Rowdies 1989 Road (ASL)
Tampa Bay Rowdies 1990 Home (APSL)

Derek Backman (L), Jean Harbor (9)
Tampa Bay Rowdies vs. Maryland Bays
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Back Row (L to R): Winston DuBose, Michael Coons, Steve Trittschuh, Mark Wright, Raymond Perlee, Derek Backman, Ray Hudson, David Byrne, Perry Van Der Beck, Dave Power
Front Row (L to R): Steve Wegerle, Martin Hill, Giles Hooper, Ken Fogarty, Tom Traxler (Equipment Manager), Alan Anderson, Michael Bates, Jay White, Craig Fossett, Jeff Jones
Tampa Bay Rowdies 1990 Road (APSL)
Tampa Bay Rowdies 1993 Home (APSL)
Back: Steve Glickman (Trainer), Eric Ravndal, Kurt Keefer, Kevin Sloan, Derek Backman, David Vaudreuil, Steve Trittschuh, Matt Knowles, Perry Van Der Beck, Dan Donigan, Jean Harbor, Pierre Morice, Tommy Reasoner.
Front: ?, Brett Phillips, Michael Brady, Terry Rowe, Ken Fogarty (Head Coach), Jimmy McGeough, Gerard Gregoire, Paul Dougherty, Brad Smith, Bill Andracki
Tampa Bay Rowdies 1993 Road (APSL)
Tampa Bay Mutiny 1996 Home (MLS)

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Tampa Bay Mutiny 1996 Road (MLS)

David Winner (18), Derek Backman (16)
Columbus Crew at Tampa Bay Mutiny
Tampa Bay Mutiny 1997 Home (MLS)
Tampa Bay Mutiny 1997 Road (MLS)