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Harry "Butch" Joyner
Born: April 26, 1945 City: Height: 6' 5" Position: Forward University: Indiana
  Team League Year Num Gms FG% FT% Reb Asts Pts RPG APG PPG
Indiana Pacers ABA 68-69   2 - - 1 0 0 0.5 0.0 0.0
Indiana University

First row (left to right): Vern Payne, Erv Inniger, Gary Grieger, Ken Newsome, Butch Joyner, Frank Everett.
Second row: head coach Lou Watson, Gary Leinberger, Jack Johnson, Rich Schrumpf, Ron McMains, assistant coach Don Luft.
Third row: assistant coach Tom Bolyard, Larry Turpen, Vern Pfaff, Bill Russell, Max Walker, manager Bill Fortner.

First row (left to right): Bobby Kent, Gabe Oliverio, Rick Atkinson, Vern Payne, Butch Joyner, Joe Cooke, Mike Niles.
Second row: head coach Lou Watson, Bill Stenberg, Earl Schneider, Mike Noland, Ken Johnson, John Isenbarger.
Third row: assistant coach Don Luft, Gary Leinberger, Rich Schrumpf, Bill DeHeer, John Muirhead, trainer Warren Ariail.
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Indiana Pacers 1968-69 Home (ABA)
Indiana Pacers 1968-69 Road (ABA)